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NAME: Yuko
LOCATION: Singapore
D.O.B: 24 June 1999 [17]
BLOG OPENED: 4 June 2012
STATUS: semi-hiatus
Welcome to s-ekki's tumblr theme blog, yukoki! Here, I post original tumblr themes and pages for free use, as well as reblog helpful theme resources. I try to keep this blog relatively updated, but on the off-chance that it goes inactive for a bit, please understand I'm probably bogged down by schoolwork and daily life! ;;

This blog was initially started as mogimochi on 4 June 2012, before undergoing an account and url change on 21 Sept 2012.

If you encounter any bugs in my codes, please feel free to send me an ask, and I'll try my best to get to the root of the problem. Please be sure to read through the FAQ first before sending anything though.

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* tutorials by yukoki
theme/page installation/editing tutorial
music player installation tutorial (for yukoki themes)
abowman fish gadget installation tutorial
sticky notes tutorial
* Simple tutorials
[a-pocketful] How to make a custom ask page
[zeldathemes] Adding links to your pages
[starious] Custom “READ MORE…”
[clarashuman] Empty Lines Gif Tutorial
[lmthemes] Random Image Script Tutorial
[ettudis] Choosing the right colours for your theme
[manatopia] Back to Top button
[gyapo] How to put an image in your background
[starious] How to change default text selection colour
[redfox-themes] Adding a “Read More” to Photo Posts
[maomuthemes] Centering and Code Shorthand
[blaintanas] How to make your sidebar picture change on refresh
[ninpen] How to change your favicon to a custom image
[aryaesque] How to combine your ask- and submit-box on one page
[cocorini] uploading fonts with dropbox
* Intermediate tutorials
[fukuo] Music player tab
[ixora] How to install and use custom fonts in your theme
[ixora] How to make a dropdown menu [text box version]
[etrothemes] Customizing your lists
[manatopia] Navigation Effect: Starlights
[starious] Lazy load
[gyapo] Bubblebar
[ettudis] 3D Glasses Text CSS Tutorial
[jaehos] How to get Adobe Photoshop CS5.1 for FREE!
[fukuo] Responsive Menu Bar by Fukuo
[fukuo] Social Media Button by Fukuo
[a-pocketful] How to add an ask box to your FAQ page / How to make a custom ask page
[ettudis] How to stylize the audio player
[azurethemes] Using icon fonts from Font Awesome
[magnusthemes] How to make a carousel using only HTML and CSS
[theme-coding] Changing Like and Reblog button colors
[seraphymns] Coloured Ask Button
[selkas] Random Colour Script
* expert tutorials
[excolo] resizing photosets
[starious] Pop-up menu
[ninpen] create a smooth sliding sidebar
[buildthemes] How to make a simple blogroll theme
[cocorini] How to make a hover-over chatbox
[a--themes] Monochrome Images With Color Hover
[lmthemes] Hide Stuff Tutorial
[buildthemes] Responsive Tumblr photosets with jQuery Photoset Grid
[themesbyzsu] How to move things on click with Javascript
[str-wrs] Sliding-Viewer (Carousel) tutorial
[phoenixthemes] CSS tabs
[nutty-themes] Smooth-scrolling FAQ Tutorial

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I've categorised all the resources by tag and recommended tutorials by difficulty; Feel free to browse them all!
— previously asked questions —

— frequently asked questions —
01) How do I install a theme? I'm having problems using your theme?
Visit here for a really detailed explanation. c: If you're still having problems installing it, all I can advise you to do is to check through that you've followed the instructions from the tutorial exactly.
02) Why doesn't my ask/submit page work?
Please ensure that you first have it enabled in your settings page! If you're using [33] RPG, be sure to have your url typed in in the customize page, as seen here.
03) How can I make my description bolded / italic / linked / underlined / etc?
Please take a look at this cheat sheet.
04) How do you make the music player in your themes work?
If you're regarding the built-in music players which I have available in my recent themes, you first need to tick the option for it, then please refer to the tutorial here.
05) How do I upload a sidebar/corner image?
Learn how from my tutorial here! That tutorial has a lot of other tips and how-to's as well, so please check it out!
06) How do I make tags visible/add another column to my posts?
I don't help with theme edits, and I don't recommend adding it yourself unless you're confident of your coding.
If you mess up, the only advice I can give you is to re-install the entire theme or use the custom theme recovery.
07) Why don't my custom links work?
Don't forget to add ‘http://’ in front of your links! (eg, linking to yourpageurl.com would be http://yourpageurl.com)
08) What does xxx colour options mean on your theme yyy?
'xxx' is simply the number of colours you can change from the customize screen. Sorta like a gauge for how customizeable the theme is.
09) Can you make a [*insert character name*] theme?
I'm sorry, but I do not take subject requests. u-u;; especially when i'm on hiatus!
10) How did you start theme making? Do you have any advice for someone learning how to code?
I started in June 2012, and have been coding for 3 years. I learnt from several tutorials and studying others' code. I code straight into the tumblr customizer. The best advice I can give to beginners is to explore as many styles as they can and not to give up! (more here)
11) What theme are you using on this blog? Where can I get it?
It's a custom blog theme used on this blog only, and it is unpublished.
12) I need help with the falling snow code?
For the last time, I didn't make the code, tutobx did, so if you have any questions regarding it, you should ask them instead. I have no idea why my page even comes up as the top result in google search haha
13) I can't get the abowman fish gadget to work!!
You can now learn how from a more thoroughly explained tutorial here! And please ensure that you've looked through your code thoroughly. The gadget isn't compatible with all themes either and certain ones require a bit more attention.
14) How do I make the background repeat / cover the whole screen / etc?
w3schools is a great resource, alternatively I've answered this here too.
15) How do you get the askbox in [33] R.P.G. to work?
I've answered this question several times here.
16) How do I edit the icon folders in [37] Interphase?
I've made a tutorial here.
17) How do I edit the about/network/taglist section of [39] Objective?
I've made a tutorial here.
— asking guidelines —
  • Be specific if you're asking for help about a theme -- give me the name of the theme/page, the url to the page on your blog, as well as what problem you're even having.
  • Please read through the above FAQ before asking anything.
  • If you've found anyone to have removed my theme credit or to be releasing my codes without permission, please do not hesitate to contact me! It'll be much appreciated!
  • Do not ask for help to edit your theme.
  • When I say that the ask box is closed, it's closed, and I do not wish to be asked any questions. Please do not send them via my personal or any other social media either.
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Be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions and the relevant theme/page's peviously asked questions tag before sending one yourself.
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Show me your themes & pages !
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Send a message.
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yukoki codes & resources, where I offer free themes & pages ! How may I help you today?
Terms of use
Please do:
  1. Feel free to edit my codes.
  2. Move my credit to another page if you wish.
  3. Study my code, but no whole-sale copying is allowed.
Please don't ever:
  1. Re-distribute my codes.
  2. Remove my page & code credits.
  3. Steal my ideas, codes & designs.
When you proceed, you are agreeing to the above terms of use. Please strictly adhere to them.
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* theme [01] inquisitive
* theme [02] secret base
* theme [03] seizon senryaku
* theme [04] future summers
* theme [05] rhapsody
* theme [06] dream
* theme [07] decretum
* theme [08] queen of lies
* theme [09] fated child
* theme [10] orihara
* theme [11] conturbatio
* theme [12] sashimi
* theme [13] interwoven
* theme [14] seasons
* theme [15] decipher
* theme [16] epiphany
* theme [17] vestigial
* theme [18] tsubaki
* theme [19] nebulous
* theme [20] solace
* theme [21] ochako
* theme [22] chuujitsuna
* theme [23] eternal
* theme [24] crimson hunter
* theme [25] shinjitsu
* theme [26] hotaru
* theme [27] vongola pride
* theme [28] enforcer
* theme [29] game over !
* theme [30] don't lost your way
* theme [31] star-crossed
* theme [32] spirited away
* theme [34] kojin
* theme [35] tragedy
* theme [36] asymptomatic
* theme [37] interphase
* theme [38] lament
* theme [39] objective
* redirect [01] battle maiden
* blogroll [01] chiaki
* taglist [01] kou prince
* redirect [02] henko
* blogroll [02] ayanami
* about page [01] tsunkei
* redirect [03] kodoku
* family page [01]
* tagslist [02]
* multi-page [01]
* blogroll [03] ojou-sama
* taglist [03] waise heill
* about page [02] hirou
* about page [03] shizukana
* family [02] / blogroll [04] meikyo
* multi-page [02] suikomu
* multi-page [03] kingpin
* faq [01] kyusoku
* about page [04] ebullience
Welcome to yukoki codes & resources, where I offer free themes for tumblr. I may not be as active now, but I aim to pick up this blog again soon!! Stay tuned, you wonderful people!!!

uninspired; demotivated; lacklustre;

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So I came across to this Chrome extension called Palettab that can turn your new tab page into a random typography and palette inspiration wall. If you click on the swatch, the hex code will be copied automatically. You can also be re-directed to the palette page or the Google font page. It’s pretty neat and amusing. Enjoy!


Theme - Aeronautic; [preview] [code] [magnusthemes]

Revamp of Court of Dreams. Modern minimal theme conceptualised around High Lord Rhysand from A Court of Mist and Fury.


  • Like/reblog buttons and optional hide captions on index page
  • Pagination or infinite scroll with optional manual load mode
  • 8 custom links with icons in a slide-out menu
  • Choose your posts’ size (from 400px to 700px), margins, gutter and padding
  • Optional sidebar icon image, use any square image 60px or larger
  • Optional custom text selection, search box, updates panel with optional stats, toggle tumblr controls
  • Optional HTML5 music player for one song only


Please like and/or reblog this post if you use or plan or using this theme, or just if you like it (: Thank you for your support!

* happy 5th birthday to yukoki


Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since I released my first theme! Admittedly, I haven’t been very active for the past 2 years… Sometimes I wonder if I should just start this blog over? But then I remember all the memories I’ve had with this blog, and I can’t bare to do that.

I can’t guarantee being able to be online more for the next few months – It’s A Level year! And I’m gunning for some prestigious scholarships. B)))) Actually the reason I’m able to even qualify for them is because I’ve let go of tumblr recently…

I wish y’all all the best in your own daily lives too!



May Masterpost Challenge: 18/20

    A lot of people ask me what my favorite fonts are, so I decided to compile it in a masterpost. It was very hard to narrow it down to 25 fonts considering that I hoard fonts like I hoard albums but these are what I consider essential!  They might not be studyblr classics, but I use them a lot.

001. Sans Serif: aka body fonts 

montserrat // i use this religiously (also in this banner ha)

code // fyi its capitalized and i use it a lot in banners

rockwell // the best printables font in existance (its default)

moon // this is perfect because its rounded but still looks uniform

abril fatface // im sorry y’all but ill never love didot as much as i love abril.

pier sans // like an alternate montserrat but cuter

002. Title Fonts: gimme more

bebas neue // the classic title font useful for everything.

sullivan // variations are so !! studyblr !!

frontage // the outline  one is free but still so nice aa

003. Scripts that I actually use

mayton // the best brush font

shorelines // the go-to cursive font

nickainely // i prefer nickainely  just because its more consistant

lemon tuesday // i love this font with a passion

lovetime // my FavorITe EVER ITS SO PRETTY

Tropical Brush Script // swooning !!

004. Special Fonts I use regularly

dry brush // i’ve used this on every fandom graphic 

besom // cute and brushy i love this so much

cookies and milk // the only thin font I need

billy // cute bby font ( alternate: babydoll )

icon-works // a lifesaver

005. Bits and Pieces

That’s the end of the masterpost! If you want to check out some of my other design masterposts check below. If you have any questions/comments/suggestions please pop in my inbox yo.

Font Masterpost

Icon Masterpost

Color Masterpost

a+ font choices i love

kiwiks sent -Hello there, just a question about html and tumblr themes how do i make the windows closeable and draggable? Like in your 37interphase theme. I'm sorry to bother and thank you. I really like your themes btw


Character Page [01]: Fortitude by glenthemes

A character page with individual pop-up about/information boxes. You can add as many characters as you want, as long as they fit within your screen. This preview features the new color spread in Boku no Hero Academia.



  • spaces for character images (transparent renders are highly recommended)
  • characters blur + fade on hover
  • pop-up biography boxes for each character
  • boxes come with a sidebar image, title, subtitles, statistics meter bars, & biography text section

A detailed guide can be found in the above link; instructions can also be found within the code. Be sure to follow the terms of use and like/reblog if you’re using this theme! Please contact me if you have any questions/problems with the coding and I’ll try to help you as much as I can! ♥

Meet [A.I.] Astella.EX 

I know I promised to release a theme, but well, this one has been under wraps for almost a year now, so it’s about time I got to polishing it up and finishing it! Tada, yukoki’s new blog theme!

I still love the celestial theme (and background!) from the previous theme, so many of its elements still remain… BUT! Instead of that sleek sliding transition, now we have one that is… Based like a typical RPG store huehue. Astella is my OC (Yes the graphics are original) and she’ll be your navigator through my blog :>


  1. Master container-style navigation window that opens automatically
  2. Visit many different pages – FAQ, Resources, Codes, Blog posts – All without refreshing any pages!
  3. Blog content in full screen for maximum visibility
  4. A hella lot of cool transitions!!! (I’m serious, visit and play around hehe)
  5. qt pie astella who’s modelled after me


Font Pack 003 by tobiohchan (see one & two).
This time I went with pairs of fonts that look good together rather than just the regular font pack! I use pretty much all these pairs (sometimes mix and match) in my edits. Hope the pairings might help make it easier than having to decide which font looks good with what! This is a thank you for helping me reach my follower goal on my sideblog @resourceanime so thank you very much! Please like/reblog if downloading! (download link)


Starting a bullet journal - a tutorial

Tips for anyone who’d like to start a bullet journal but doesn’t know how/where to begin :)

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