hi!! welcome to the gfclub page!! this is a net run by lily and hailey to make a group of cool wlw who can talk abt gay stuff basically

anyone is welcome to apply !! we only have a couple guidelines: be a wlw, and be 14-19!

apply on mobile

01what is gf club?

it's basically a group chat for wlw to make friends and talk abt gay stuff thats p much it
02 what if i want to be a part of gf club?

you should apply!! as long as youre a woman-aligned person who likes girls, then we'd love to look at your application! just head over to the "apply" tab and there should be a typeform waiting for you! (this absolutely includes trans wlw and excludes terfs)
03i'm non-binary, can i still be in this?

absolutely! in fact, one of the creators is nb! as long as you identify with womanhood part of the time, and like girls, then ur good to join! just use ur own judgement as a rule for whether u would fit, but if ur rly not sure, send an ask down below
04can the creators tell me a little bit about themselves?

sure thing!! you can check out our blogs for more info, but heres a bit about us!

lily:hi!! im 15, im from nz and im a big sports lesbian. i also love books and art and my gf. i use they pronouns btw!

hailey:hey! im 15, from cali, n im Gay. i lov hp, musical theater n i use she/her pronouns
05i have a question that hasnt been answered yet

if you have other questions, then u should definitely send one of us an ask down below!! we would prefer if you didnt ask on anon, but if you dont have tumblr its no trouble. just leave a way for us to contact you (ie. twitter @)
<3send an ask to lily @debating:

this is a good idea if: you noticed smth wrong w the site, want to suggest smth for our "rec" tab, want clarification abt smth nb related, or have twitter but not tumblr

<3send an ask to hailey @ghibili:

this is a good idea if: you want a quicker answer (lily is only on tumblr around once a day)